Current members of the section:

Banach Sebastian

Bekhit Monika

Bielecka Bogna

Bieniek Mieczysław - President

Bieniek Mieczyslaw Jr

Bieniek Piotr

Chudyba Artur

Gloc Dariusz

Gosiewski Artur - Management

Gruszka-Gosiewska Aleksandra

Klauz Grzegorz

Knap Kamil

Krol Wiktor

Ksiazek Damian

Mach Jan

Matejek Tadeusz

Mlot Adam

Mroz Jakub

Paczek-Krawczak Irena

Parachuting is still a relatively new sport. While parachuters have been acquiring more and more skills and experience, competition rules were evolving, and novel and more sophisticated disciplines were introduced. Changes in competition rules were also accelerated by technical advances in conopy construction. At the moment our section is interested in three main disciplines: relative work (4-way), accuracy landing and freefall style. Additionally, our team members participate in parachuting pentathlon and para-ski. Parachuting pentathlon consist of: day and night landing accuracy, swimming, middle, long or cross-country running and target schooting. Para-ski includes landing accuracy and giant slalom. Our team members practice hard to participate both in competitive and in show-type skydiving events.


Our Partners